Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Where You Put that Cow

My second discussion event was sort of a bust.. or a success.. depending on how you look at it. I had a total of six people show up. One of those never spoke nor moved from the tp spot and another was brand, spanking new.

I think we may have scared her into selling her computer, changing her name and moving to a remote island where there's no chance of ever getting internet access.

The four who remained and I had a blast. As we shared our Second Life embarrassing stories, Franz took the prize (well.. if there had been an actual prize.. I'll work on that.) He told us of his earliest days on the grid and how he refused to spend any "real" money, leading to his finding a freebie shop, grabbing a collection of animals and wearing them all as attachments, in lieu of clothing.

Of course, we demanded pictures, but Franz did one better, he logged off and on to his old account to retrieve his old av, then showed up at the cafe wearing a suit consisting of two flaming cows, a pink flamingo, an elephant, a black cat and Lord only knows what else.

Noticing the position of one of the flaming cows, I made some reference to "Where's the Beef" while another lady in the group said something about "cowlicks" and it all pretty much went to hell from there. Before we knew it, I'd strapped on a dancing chicken and the conversation turned to the rules of Gor and.. well.. it's all a blur after that.

I wish you could have been there. Maybe next time.

Thats it for this week's slice. I'll see ya'll on the grid.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Embarrasing Moments

***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

Our next discussion is going to be this Wednesday night, 6:00 pm SLT at the Second Slice Cafe. The topic: Most Embarrassing Moments.

You know you've got'em. Forgot you were naked (or at least scantily clad in the latest sleaze-wear) when you logged off last, logging back in, showing all of SL all your glory? Accidentally attached your spiffy new freenis instead of the hat you were going for... on your head? Deleted your house, IMed the wrong person or worse, sent a little sexy time chat to the open sim instead of your partner?

We've all got embarrassing moments to share. If you're new to SL and haven't had the pleasure of flashing your goods in public.. accidentally, of course... or you're just too ashamed to admit it, that's okies. You can still come by, have a laugh or two and make some new friends. If we get bored, there's always the jukebox.

I expect to see you all there. Don't make me come after you. I'll do it.

In other news....

I twisted my neighbors arm, begged, pleaded and bargained to get him to accompany me to Davide Paravane's latest performance last night. Unfortunately, I hadn't considered my crappy, begging to be replaced graphics card, combined with a large crowd, when he suggested we dance.

Oh. My. Gawd the SLag.

I tried to type, "OMG I love this song!" only it came out as, "Ogov eis ng." I hate when the SLag monster eats half my words. I feel like I just fell on the grid yesterday. I don't blame SL.. completely.. it's mostly on my end. I know that. I need to upgrade.

Afterwards, my kindhearted neighbor suggested we go hang out at the bar.. on the other side of the club. I tried to move forward, but nothing happened. I waited a second.. then tried again. I got frustrated and did the one one thing you should never do in these situations. I stabbed the hell out of my arrow key. When my granny graphics card caught up with me, my CPU sounded like the Space Shuttle by then, little Mahala went shooting across the dance floor at warp speed, taking down a few avs along the way.

There is good reason why I just stand in the corner and look cute in large crowds. I'm not really that shy. I'm just rendered helpless by my lack of the latest technological advances.

Ah well, back to the other life. I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll Wednesday night. Be there or be orthogonal! (Look, I made geek humor!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet Me at Grizzy's

The other night, as I sat in my tiny cabin on Wando sorting though my inventory, I stumbled across some really nice, sorta sleazy dresses I'd bought a while back. Finding them made me a little sad, I'd gone shopping especially for nice dresses to wear when my partner took me dancing, which was often. After things went.. well.. the way things sometimes go.. I just wasn't interested in wearing anything like that anymore.

At first I considered giving them away but then I remembered how much I paid for the stupid things and had a change of heart. I felt my mood sinking into the swirling vortex that sucks you in, drowning in self-pity, wallowing in a dark sea of emotion where you eventually lose yourself...

Screw that crap.

I paid like L$ 800 for those effin dresses and I was going to wear them. I scanned the event list and found one at a seaside stage, staring Davide Paravane. I'd heard him perform a few times and I just love his voice. He doesn't play the headbanging, whiplash inducing tunes I normally listen to, he sorta reminds me of old school Vegas performers, minus the cheese. His style ranges from Big Band to acoustic guitar and seriously? He could sing page 247 of the Britannica "W" volume (those were pre-PC encyclopedias, for you youngins out there) and make it sound good, causing spine tingling, swoon inducing chills from the ladies in the audience.

I have to admit, standing there alone in my slightly sleazy dress, watching the couples on the dance floor like the homely wallflower at the high school prom as I listened to Davide croon sweet songs about lasting love, I may have shed a tear or two. I questioned the decision I'd made a few weeks earlier, for the 1000th time, convinced myself that I did the right thing and shed a few more.

Every so often, you just have to allow yourself to wallow in it.. just a little. Then dry your eyes, put on your big girl panties and get on with life.

Tonight, Davide Paravane is playing Grizzy's Cafe, located on the Silent's Folly sim, which just happens to be home to my tiny little one room cabin. I'll be there. Ya'll come on down and keep me company.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, August 21, 2009
Time: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Cooper River (179,13,21)
Host: Grizzy Griswold
Category: Live Music
Rating: PG
Cover charge: No

We'll talk again soon. I'll see you on the grid.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishies, Gypsies and Being a Dork

Saturday night I hosted my first of what I hope is many events at the Second Slice Cafe. I was nervous, I really didn't think anyone would show up. The discussion topic was "Rules of Relationships in Second Life." Overall, I think I had about 11 people show up, but we had a great time discussing all the different types of relationships you encounter on the grid.

The group was diverse, with a mixture of newbies and old timers, diehard singles and couples in long lasting SL relationships.

We had a blast.

I hope ya'll join us for the next discussion (okay, it's really just an excuse to sit around and chat, laugh and make some new friends, but we'll call it a "discussion.") I'm open to suggestions for topics, I'd like to keep it sort of light, no heavy duty politics or death penalty debates.

Seriously, there's enough of that in First Life.

I'll have to try different times, working around time zones for maximum exposure and scheduling around the busy hours at the baby business next door to help a little with the lag. That place is packed.. often.

In other news...

I've been using the Emerald viewer for the past couple of weeks. It's the first time I've ever used a viewer other than the "official" Linden Labs version. It's pretty effin' cool, with it's built in radar and extra Windlight settings. I can't imagine ever going back. If I ever get a new graphics card, I'll probably become an SL hermit, sitting in the corner of the Cafe constantly changing sky settings and periodically wiping the slow dripping drool from my chin.

Not that I'm a dork or anything.

Back at my little cabin, I've been adding a few touches of Gypsy flair, with photos, a guitar and even a crystal ball. Yesterday I noticed that about half of the little lot I lease is water, so I've been looking for some low prim, fishie and/or water fowl.. maybe a fish emitter? If ya'll have any suggestions, let me know in the comments or drop me a message on Plurk. Oh yeah and.. I'm kinda broke so it has to be cheap.

That's all for this week's slice. I'll see ya'll on the grid.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gypsies, Cabins and Good Friends

In all the time I've spent in SL, I've never really had a home of my own. Oh, I've shared places with partners, but the land belonged to them and.. well.. it just wasn't the same.

The other night, with no real plans to set up house, I stumbled upon this:

Home Sweet Home

It's a tiny, one room cabin on a beautiful island estate, with birds, butterflies and my very own bear just outside the back door. The rent is dirt cheap very reasonable and the views will inspire you to sit and play with the Windlight settings for hours on end.

I don't feel quite as lost and homeless anymore.

Shortly after setting up house, I bumped one of my oldest, dearest friends, J1mmy Weiland, who invited me to see his new place, which was large enough to contain like.. five of my tiny cabins. We had fun catching up, it seems I always run to J1mmy when things go all kittywampus in my second life. He helps me put things in perspective and calms my nerves.

I think everyone in SL needs a J1mmy.

Also this week, I wandered the grid looking for Gypsy (or Romany) groups. I found lots of vardos (wagons) set up in camps, but no people. I'd love to find a band of nomads to hang with. If ya'll know of any, hook a girl up, would ya?

That's all for this week's Slice. We'll talk again soon!

(Images are clickable to embiggen for better viewing)

Friday, August 7, 2009

When You Start Seeing Fairies, It's Time to Stop Drinking

I've been trying to make myself get out amongst the pixel folk, make friends and do something besides sit on the wall at the cafe, tinkering with things and questioning decisions I've made, slowly driving myself even nuttier than the fruitcake I've already demonstrated myself to be.
In my quest for intermingling, I've been hitting some of the live music venues. Last night, I discovered Club Neptune, with the sexy, swoon inducing voice of Tone Uriza providing the beat to sway my hips to.

Tone's impressive guitar licks and deep, smooth voice whisked me away to another time, gently rocking my mood into submission. Check him out if you ever get the chance, it'll be time well spent.

As I shook my groove thang to the awesome music, our hostess swang by and passed me a glass of Absinthe, which I readily accepted. When you first glance at this photo, it looks like the drink has caused a strange, green-glowing phallic shaped virus to come shooting from my nether regions, but don't worry kids. It only looks like I've contracted some strange, radioactive form of martian syphilis. There's no need to call the CDC.

They're only little green fairies.

You see them too.. right?

Before long, the entire club was aglow with little green nymphs buzzing about the dance floor. It was great and the best time I've had in a while.

Click here to visit Club Neptune in-world.. but watch that Absinthe.. unless you just happen to like little green fairies.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scootin' Newbs and Starting Over (again)

When I started this.. eons ago.. it was mostly about the gossip and news surrounding Bear Infohub and while I still occasionally stop by there, the old stomping grounds have changed. Mixed amongst the lost newbies are people sitting around looking for an excuse to fight and a gathering of emotionless bots, dumped there by the latest rolling restart.

Knowing that this is the sliver of SL society that new residents will be exposed to first, makes me a little sad.

I have to admit though, I have to laugh when I spot new residents who've been caught, stuck in an animation during a restart, then dumped in the middle of a large gathering:

This guy scooted around on his butt like an infested Chihuahua on shag carpeting for the longest. I hope the human on the other side of that av had a sense of humor about it. I know I was cracking up. But then, I've been known to giggle at funerals too.

I wondered what this little chica had been up to:

Then we had this little exchange:

Chica: "Where are the classes???"

Me: "What classes hon?"

Chica: "The free English classes. What time do they start for my country?"

Me: "I don't thing they have classes here. What country?"

Chica: "Yes, what time for my country?"

That's about the time my eyes glazed over and I started to pretend like I didn't speak English anymore. I know.. that's bad. I try to be helpful, but lately I've got the patience of a pit bull on 3 foot chain guarding a steak dinner.

As I attempt to widen my social circle beyond the familiar, I'll probably miss parking my butt on the old brick wall, but I installed one back at the cafe, just in case. What I won't miss? Oh, I dunno:

The little things.. I suspect.

In other news, my SL partnership ended this week. Out of respect for the parties involved, I won't go into any details. I can say that it absolutely was not because I ceased to care. If anything, it was just the opposite.

So if I'm a little bit grumpy for a bit.. or more likely.. a tiresome whine bag.. well.. deal with it I guess. I'm only human.

That's all for this week's slice. Be sure and stop by the Second Slice Cafe (please people, I need some traffic. Just use it to hide from newbs while you change hair or something. I'm not proud)


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