Sunday, March 7, 2010

*Knock*Knock* Is This Thing On?

This weekend at the cafe, I'd planned to talk about the different ways to finance your second life, be it working for others, running a business or simply buying $L. Instead, we ended up discussing deep topics like shopping, planning weddings and where to find a good male skin.

I think the most avatars there at one time during the hour long event was four, so I didn't see any reason to try to stick to a topic.

Where the crap is everyone?

Whatever, we had fun anyway and that's all that matters.

Yeah I know, I was gone for a while then I missed my "comeback" discussion. I'M SORRY OKAY???

Around the grid I'm hearing that the world economy is having its effects on our virtual world. Performers say tips are down, club owners are cutting back and Linden Labs seem to be reaching out for new premium account holders by offering a free house to those who sign up.

How about you? Is the monetary funk we're all experiencing in first life taking it's toll on your second? If it is, or isn't, I'd like to hear about it. Drop me an email or add a comment here.

Until next time, I'll see ya on the grid!

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