Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Boob Tube Invasion of Second Life

Last night CSI:NY came to Second Life, tonight NBC's "The Office" will show Dwight, my favorite dorktacular office employee visiting the grid.

What's next?

*Live from Second Life!! It's Saturday Night!

*My Name is Earl Linden

*Second Life's Next Top Avatar (that one may already be in the event list.. )

*Oprah Prime Time Special "I shagged your friend but I didn't know he was really your alt, but I was using my alt so is it really cheating?"

*As the Grid Turns

*Furry's Anatomy

*The Neko Whisperer

See ya'll inworld!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Very cute!!


Anonymous said...

or :-

I`m a Noob... get me out of here!

Silence of the Landowners


eppie hock said...

What about Desperate AvatarWives!!!

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