Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Grizzly Visits Bear

I had planned to begin this story with the line: "The debate was heating up at the Bear Infohub late Friday evening.." but one person standing in the middle of the area insulting, belittling and arguing with the rest of the attending crowd, hardly constitutes a debate.
I suppose that the notorious landowner hasn't been getting enough attention lately and decided to pay the infohub a visit. I was reminded of a comment I once heard from that very landowner when she stated that newbies want any attention they can get, even if it's negative attention. One could make the same statement about long time residents who enter a public area and attempt to reprimand everyone who is gathered there, simply because it doesn't suit her.
I was appalled by the behavior of this landowner, one of Second Life's beloved mentors as she answered the inquiry of one brand new resident. The newbie's profile indicated that she'd been inworld for less than 48 hours and she was obviously struggling to make sense of the situation. After all, she'd been told this was her "home," yet this person was implying that only those that paid tier on the infohub land had a right to be there.
When the newest resident, Delila Milos, asked a question of the landowner, this mentor, she was instructed to "stick your thumb up your ass."
Is this how Linden Labs wishes for it's mentors to greet new residents, to welcome them to the grid?
During her visit, this individual made comments offending people who did not embrace English as their native language, women who were post menopausal and publicly exposed personal information about one of the residents, all while screaming about Linden Lab policy. One could suggest that this person review the Terms Of Service regarding intolerance and the divulging of the private information of others.
As always, all comments are welcomed. I'll see ya'll inworld!


Anonymous said...

I assume this is Lias Leandros again! the person that changes facts to suit and quotes out of date information to for her own means.
You`re right, it was quiet a quite amiable at Bear of late, she must be wanting attention again. Maybe her business is suffering because she hasn`t been around so much lately...

And I whole heartedly agree, is this the way Linden Labs wants to be portrayed through the Mentor programme? That needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

It's got to be Lias Leandros for the last week people in her group have been pushing and insulting people who look like they spend a few linden on their avatar. When you confront her about whats going on she refused to talk in chat and instead spams you with a notecards on how to enable voice so that her her insulting remarks are not logged for linden to review. I was told to get off her land the info hub as socialising is not allowed. Then wehen i blew steam at her my account was later suspended for an hour she gets priority with her complaints as some that help her are Sl helpers and mentors.

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