Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Home on the Grid

I spent the better part of the weekend turning my small parcel of land into a home for Second Slice. From there residents can access the site and leave suggestions for stories, comments or requests for product reviews from within Second Life.
I want to thank Norf Lundquist and Nye Mu for their help with some technical matters (I was having a few Forest Gump moments this weekend) and Katie Broome for the Halloween decorations.
When I wasn't working on the new office, I was playing with the new BlogHud. I'm having some problems getting it to cross post to Second Slice, but I plan to have that fixed in the next couple of days.. when this case of Gump-brain passes.
I'm in the process of compiling information related to the landowner drama surrounding the Bear Dream Lodge Infohub, I should have that for you in the next few days.
In the meantime, I'll see ya'll inworld!


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! well done... where is it? he he he

Mahala Roviana said...

You'll have to find it under "search" for now. I still need to set up a slurl and a link for it.. coming soon! Just search "Second Slice" under the "places" tab :)

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