Friday, November 23, 2007

Can Second Life Stop the War?

"Help end the war, lies & propoganda" was the title of the event listing which attracted me to this quaint little seaside gathering at Liberty Beach.

Before I go on, I should mention that when it comes to politics, I'm intentionally clueless. I'm that person that activists despise, the one who chooses to turn a blind eye, to remain quiet, to do nothing. I wasn't always this way. I used to feel free to voice my opinion on those issues which stirred my patriotic spirit, which now lays buried under layers of denial. When I take hold of a cause, I don't let go and because of that, I found it too draining, too emotional for me to allow myself to care too much.

And yet, when I saw this event listed, I couldn't let it pass without at least stopping by.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by a gathering of only three people. I was a little surprised, I guess I was hoping for a massive uprising.

The group was eventually joined by two more and the conversation flowed from opinions on the war (no one was for it) to the economy, 9/11 conspiracy theories and the government's knowledge of Tesla technologies. Although everyone wasn't always in agreement on every topic, I didn't witness tempers flaring or arguments. Everyone was very polite and respectful of everyone else.

I'm not sure what I expected initially, but this quiet, friendly group was a pleasant surprise.

Can Second Life stop the war? Probably not, but consider the fact that we all exist in this virtual world, from many nations, speaking many languages in the absence of a formal government and we all seem to get along much better than we do in the first world.

Maybe there's a lesson in that.


Anonymous said...

it`s true, you can have a conversation, and express views without someone spitting out the dummy. Points of view can be voiced (or chatted ;) ) without someone taking umberance. It's rare, but it`s there!

..and of course we don`t have governance in SL. we don't have wars! politics is based on money which is based on war (conspiracy theory or fact?) When a country needs a financial boost it goes to war via politics, war is "good for business", culls the population both short and medium term (send the healthy young men) and it widens the "have and have not" gap...



The Devils Advocaat (or yellow peril)

Tristana said...

Great work.

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