Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Curl Up and Dye Salon"

Sometimes I get in a mood and go on a rampant shopping spree, looking for hair. I buy lots of hair, which I wear for about a day, then I decide it doesn't look right and go back to the first hair that the tall, pale, Gothic stranger bought me when I was a newbie.
I like to refer to him as my Hairy Godfather.
It was during one of these sudden, obsessive needs for new hair that I stumbled upon the gem pictured here. At the "Curl Up and Dye Salon" they specialize in fantasy hair, like Godiva, Gothic and Victorian doos but they also have a line of "Angry Housewife" styles. It's not just the hair either, they have entire avatars with fuzzy slippers and bathrobes. I didn't buy the style you see here, just the demo, but I may go back and get it. It would be perfect for those early weekend mornings at the hub, sipping coffee and chatting with friends.

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