Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last night, a small gathering of folks were assembled on the wall at Bear Infohub. The topics of discussion varied, ranging from chat about an earlier party at the Co-op to how it's much more upsetting to rez without your hair than your clothing. Eventually, the males in the group began discussing all things technical. Motherboards, ram, processors... thingamabobs.. who knows. They were really into their voice conversation, so much so that the rest of us wagered that if we were to go topless, the menfolk in attendance wouldn't even notice. We didn't have this discussion in private, it was typed.. right there on the screen for anyone to see.

They never noticed.

So I sat there on the wall, in the middle of the flow of newbie traffic through the hub, topless. Now, I know they're not real boobs.. but dang.. someone paid good money to make sure I had decent hooters. It's not like they're nippless newbie tattas.

The technical conversation raged on. They never noticed. Even while the other ladies in attendance laughed hysterically that the guys were so wrapped up in giga-mega-uber-techno-stuff that they never noticed I had no top on.

There are some things men pay attention to more than breasts.. apparently.


Anonymous said...

O.K for the record, nice breasts...
but *we* were in IM saying `carry on talking while I snapshot her`

So usual fee to my off shore account please, and the negatives get destroyed


Disclaimer: no pictures were taken, before, during or after the *event*. May contain small lies and nuts.

Mahala Roviana said...

LOL! You did not notice! I did, however, hear a snapshot being taken.

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