Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

After spending most of the past year in Second Life either partnered or walking around with my nose up the pixelated butt of a significant other, I've realised that there is a wide array of sub cultures and groups here that I have yet to experience. I want to stroke the seedy underbelly of the wild side, exploring darkened alleys and streets lined with titty bars.

I wanna straddle a stripper pole and shake my groove thang for a few $Ls.
How hard could it be? I mean, it's not like you need any actual talent, the animations are built in to the pole... right?
I scoured the classifieds for openings and started filling out applications. I soon realized that there was a little more to this than I had first thought. Some of the clubs required that your account be at least two weeks old, others as much as three months. This created a slight problem, since I'd created a new sexilicioius me to pursue my new career choice. All of the applications required your "real" age, I assume to cover their asses if little Johnny gets caught dancing naked for dollars with his Sally Mae av by his mom and dad.
I may or may not have told the truth on that one.
There were personality questions, photos to submit, interviews, demonstrations of my ability to "emote" sexily while dancing. I really thought I was going to stroll in to a club, offer to adorn their pole and maybe chat up a few guys, be given a tag and that be it. I was mistaken.
After a series of interviews and being shot down more times than I care to divulge, I finally landed a spot at a large club with an established clientele. I worked my first shift over the weekend and I had a blast. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
I'll see ya'll in world. I may or may not be topless at the time.


Anonymous said...

Mahala does SL... Can I have the Machinema rights for duplication? LOL

We all know `good` sex is 50% (maybe more!) in the mind in any case... so go for it! May as well earn some money from providing a virtual service to a `manual` audience :P

I look forward to the follow up story

Anonymous said...

We notice that the name of the lucky club has been omitted. This must be an oversight because I'm sure you meant to include it.

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