Friday, May 29, 2009

A Place to Rest My Buns

This week I spent most of my time in-world visiting every stinking, mother effin' furniture store in Second Life for a couch.. or a chaise lounge.. just something to sit on. I mean, I've been around since 2006, I've got furniture.

Freebie furniture.

Low prim furniture.

Oh and from my attempt at running a business of questionable moral value, a large selection of um.. bedroom furniture.

This time, however, I just wanted something nice. Something that was pretty that I could hang out on while I sort through and organize my massive inventory. I didn't need anything to make me stand on my head, hump like a rabbit or entertain a huge crowd.

It's not that easy... but after much searching I ended up with this:

I think it suits me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Changes at Bear Infohub

What are your thoughts?

Comments welcomed!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Life, Starting Over

I've spent more time in-world this weekend than I have in months and it felt nice. I ran into a lot of old friends, people I've not seen in ages, reminding me of how it used to be... before I began to take it all too seriously, before I lost the playfulness of it all.

I laid on the beach and watched people dance, did a little windsurfing and strolled around the island where I used to spend so much of my time. I also stopped by Bear Infohub, where giant screens have replaced the open skyline, I assume to block the misleading advertising of unfriendly neighbors.

I'm a little more guarded now, more cautious.. but I think I'm back.

Time will tell.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Grid Enhancing Innovation: Voice

I've logged on to Second Life a handful of times in the past few weeks. Each time, it took a total of 10 minutes visiting what used to be my favorite hang out before the voice conversation turned to crap.
No.. literally.. people using this wonderful, grid changing technology to discuss the waste matter that spits out of their ass on a daily basis.
Yeah.. great idea adding voice. They were right about one thing, it definitely changed the Second Life experience.

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