Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Where You Put that Cow

My second discussion event was sort of a bust.. or a success.. depending on how you look at it. I had a total of six people show up. One of those never spoke nor moved from the tp spot and another was brand, spanking new.

I think we may have scared her into selling her computer, changing her name and moving to a remote island where there's no chance of ever getting internet access.

The four who remained and I had a blast. As we shared our Second Life embarrassing stories, Franz took the prize (well.. if there had been an actual prize.. I'll work on that.) He told us of his earliest days on the grid and how he refused to spend any "real" money, leading to his finding a freebie shop, grabbing a collection of animals and wearing them all as attachments, in lieu of clothing.

Of course, we demanded pictures, but Franz did one better, he logged off and on to his old account to retrieve his old av, then showed up at the cafe wearing a suit consisting of two flaming cows, a pink flamingo, an elephant, a black cat and Lord only knows what else.

Noticing the position of one of the flaming cows, I made some reference to "Where's the Beef" while another lady in the group said something about "cowlicks" and it all pretty much went to hell from there. Before we knew it, I'd strapped on a dancing chicken and the conversation turned to the rules of Gor and.. well.. it's all a blur after that.

I wish you could have been there. Maybe next time.

Thats it for this week's slice. I'll see ya'll on the grid.

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Ricco Saenz said...

LOL! I'm sorry I missed that one. The other stories must have been amazing, too.

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