Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I Was Going to Write

I was planning a story on the baby farm next door to Second Slice Cafe. I took lots of pictures, I took notes, I intended to expose them for bucking Linden Labs' traffic system by storing around 13 bots on a platform over their "clinic."

I wanted to poke fun at their fuggly prim babies and shoddy looking lobby, but honestly, I was just ticked off about the lag.

Then, they moved them to cold storage, inside this skybox. I figured, it would be harder to prove that way than it would be if they were just standing around on a platform..

So I let myself inside and took more pics of all the avs standing around in a daze. I even tried to strike up a conversation, just to be sure.

That's right.. I infiltrated the enemy's camp, risked my own life for the story.

It was going to be GREAT.

But then, I logged on this morning to check my own traffic and was surprised by the ease with which I moved. Something was different. I checked my mini map, looking for the cluster of sky bots, only to find..

Nothing. The baby farm was gone.

So my first big "expose'" was a bust. Not to worry, I'm told I've got a nose for trouble. I'll see what I can sniff out for next time.

See ya on the grid!

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Mistletoe said...

Here's an idea:

Kid Botz. It's a new business that's opened up in which, instead of adopting a child avatar or making an alt, you pay them 900L/week (plus a one-time fee of 1k) for an automaton who will do anything you tell it to.

Their ad copy begins with a rhetorical question about if you're tired of having someone you "adopt" drain you of your money. I guess they'd rather do it instead.

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