Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bringing You the News that Really Matters

The recent release of the latest version of the GreenLife Emerald viewer has lead to some interesting discussions about the newest developments and some older features that some of us hadn't yet discovered.

But don't worry, this article isn't about the handy dandy built-in radar or the "Show Look At" doohickies. I'm here to talk to you about something far more innovative, something that will change our entire Second Life experience.

There can be no turning back once you've seen...

Jiggly Boobs!

That's right. Forget all that techie stuff about new Windlight presets. We can have bouncy, jiggly, bodacious tattas of happiness.. in Second Life!

If you're using the new viewer and you've not discovered this feature yet, go to Preferences - Emerald - Page 2 - Effects and start experimenting. Some users have reported that they've had to re-log for the changes to show.

Of course, once you've made your adjustments, you'll want to test the settings to find your optimum jiggilocity. First, you'll need to find some jiggly bewbage friendly clothing:

Please disregard my addled, slightly hungover expression. I was out late last night listening to my voice crush croon past my bedtime.

To see your shimmy shake in action, try one of these suggestions:
  • Rez a box, sit on it, then move it briskly up and down
  • Hijack the nearest stripper pole and pan your cam around
  • I'm told lapdance animations work well too, but I wouldn't know from experience *cough*
  • Participate in nookie related activites (In the privacy of your own home or on adult rated sims, please)
  • Sneak over to your neighbor's property while they're away at work and jump on their trampoline
  • Ask any random, passing stranger if they'd mind checking your bewbage for jiggilation. You may also ask for a tip afterwards
After a few hours of obsessing over your avatar's newly shimmy enabled breasts (and, if you're like me, feeling a little creeped out by your behavior,) keep in mind that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pay a little attention to those RL tattas.

Because regardless of their age, whether they bounce up and down, lay on your belly or perkily peek-a-boo through wet t-shirts...  they're all fabulous.


Lissa Pinion said...


Krissy Muggleston said...

LMAO! Seriously?? I know this will be the first thing I try tonight when I log in. Not that I care if I have a jiggly chest or anything.. ;)

Peter Stindberg said...

What needs pointing out is that this is not an individual setting you make for your own breasts, but a global setting for ALL breasts, regardless if the avatar in question uses Emerald or not.

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