Monday, October 26, 2009

Swinging On a Star

The turnout was a little light at the social media discussion at the Second Slice Cafe Saturday night, but it was still a great group and we met some new folks, so it's all good. I was excited to see one of my old Bear buddies there, I really miss those guys.

Sunday he and I went exploring a bit at the Drill Factory. Now.. I'd never heard of the Drill Factory before then and I was a little nervous. Mental images of some weird, dental fetish sim or a violent, sexual fantasy sim involving power tools and oil rigs ran through my head, but it was none of that.

Cool carousels, steampunk style carriages and glowing neon puzzle pieces, seemingly suspended in space are not what I expected.

The scene pictured above was taken inside a snow globe. If you get a chance, you should really check it out.

After the social media chat ended, a few of us headed over to the Longhorn for some country music. I'm not normally a big fan of country, simply because my RL is and always has been saturated with it, but I've said before that talent outweighs genre and I had some inside information that the performer that night was not to be missed.

We had a great time showing the brand spankin' newbie we'd adopted (it was his first day!) the wonders of dance balls, couples dances and live music venues. While we were there, I met someone special. His soulful dark eyes attracted me immediately, his salt and pepper hair giving the impression of someone who'd really lived life and was now content to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention he's a real stud...

... and sorta horny.

The constant mooing took a little getting used to.. but that means he likes me, right? I'm sure we'll be very happy together.

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