Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zombies, Rooftops and Restless Hearts

The spooky season is upon us. I tped to the Second Slice Cafe the other day, turned to walk inside and spotted this in the window.

What the crap?

I didn't know if it was the ghost of an attempted suicide by hanging, one of those mournful, whiney assed spirits who don't believe they're dead, no matter how hard you try to convince them, or if I was witnessing the pre-brain slurping zombie state of some poor, unfortunate soul.

Because seriously? If it were the latter, I was going to need to rez a baseball bat. I don't like zombies, the sonsa biatches ticked me off when they invaded my last SL business. I have a strict bash-heads-ask-questions-later zombie policy.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a newbie standing on one of the tables in "away" mode. She probably has no idea how close she came to dying alone in a deserted cafe with Dean Martin singing in the background.

Dang.. that would make a killer opening scene for a horror movie...

But anywho...

I've been hitting the music scene in SL alot the past week. I checked out some great rock performances, one or two country singers and one phenomenal singer who blew me away.. but I'll have more on all that later in the week.  I also did some sprucing up around the cafe, I redid the 45 records/dance floor out front (free to copy if you want to grab one,) and did some tidying up around the cabin.

You never know when company might stop by.

The discussion group Saturday night was fun, two guys showed up with snakes, one of the regulars morphed into a giant eyeball and I got to freeze/eject/ban my first booger brain!!  It was an eventful evening. The next chat will be this Saturday night, but I've not settled on a topic. I'm open to suggestions, leave yours in the comments or drop by the cafe (follow the slurl in the advertising area of the sidebar) and drop a note in the suggestion box.

Oh and I almost forgot, Second Slice has it's own domain, so now you can get a second slice of your second life by typing in your browser. Coolness!

While it's true that I've been taking in all the live acts available in SL lately, I always end up going back to my favorite, Davide Paravane. His golden voice makes my heart flutter, I could listen to him for hours. He's added more acoustic tunes to his repertoire, you should check him out if you get the chance.

Don't look for me though, I'll probably be around but I tend to hide in the rafters or dance on the roof like I did Tuesday night:

That's where I'm less likely to commit any social faux paus by doing something stupid or saying the wrong thing. I guess I'm one of those people who just don't belong in certain social situations. I chalk it up to spending too much time sitting at infohubs, honing my verbal combat skills.

I guess what they say is true.. you can take the girl out of the mountains.. but.. well.. ya'll know the rest.

We'll talk again soon, ya'll take care.

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