Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've Been Naughty

Inworldz Mahala Roviana

Newbie Me on InWorldz

I've been a naughty kitty.

I've been cheating on SL.

InWorldz is a newish virtual world similar to SL but pretty tiny in comparison. They recently reached a milestone of 5000 accounts and I've never seen more than 100 users on at one time. Because of it's small size, there is a strong sense of community there. On day one, when you first log on, you're welcomed by a mentor and walked over to the nearest freebie store.

I was surprised. It's a nice change.

The newly formed grid isn't without it's glitches, bugs and occasional interruptions of service, but there's a spirit of creativity and a sense of everyone pulling together to create something special, so you don't really mind when everything isn't working 100%.

It sort of reminds me of another virtual world I signed up for a long time ago, one that kinda got away from it's original mission...


InWorldz isn't taking the place of SL for me, but it's a nice place to escape to when you want a slower pace, a quieter grid and some friendly faces.

Oh and the picture? Don't worry, I've made some improvements since then.

Maybe I'll see you there. Stop by and say hi, I'm usually in a sandbox somewhere making a mess.


Lalo Telling said...

You're not the only one ;)

Yordie Sands said...

This is very interesting. You are onto something, Mahala. I've heard about the other grids, but haven't made the leap yet myself. Unless LL cleans up it's act, I may join you soon. TC, Yordie

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

Imprudence viewer (and Emerald and others) make the connection to these grids pretty easy.

Tip: in SL, go into appearance and write down all the settings for your avatar. Copy them into your avatar on the other grid. From there it becomes just a matter of dressing-up.

I like how you can choose first AND last name. So I also am Ari Blackthorne on InWorldz, and most of the other Open Sim-based grids.

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