Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Discussions of the Very Sleepy

What was the intriguing topic on everyone's minds around the infohub last night?

*World politics?

*Feeding the poor?

*The economic health of third world countries?


It was whether a fairy, when experiencing flatulence, would be propelled skyward, considering their body mass versus the force of the gaseous release. Several factors were taken into account, their distance from a solid object (ie: the ground), the effects of diet and individual health concerns (ie: lactose intolerance.)

Much Googling was done and it was determined that fairies did not partake of salt, which lead to a discussion of slugs. When milk was mentioned as a diet staple, whether or not it was cow's milk was brought into question along with yet another reference to the possibility of lactose intolerance.

Do slugs give milk? Do they have teats? Is this the source of the milk that fairies ingest as the main component of their diets?

So many unanswered questions...

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