Sunday, October 14, 2007

Second Faith: Latter Day Saints

When you scour through the events list, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the "Best in Leather" and "FREE SEX" listings and forget that there are other things available to us inworld. I found it surprising that there are so many parcels of land devoted to faith and religion.

With the popularity in the U.S. of HBO's "Big Love" and the media storm surrounding the Warren Jeffs trial, the Mormon church has become the latest unwilling star of faith based media. I was surprised to find that the LDS church has a presence right here in Second Life. Care should be taken to not confuse the LDS church (Latter Day Saints) with FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) which still embraces the polygamist lifestyle.

I paid a visit to an estate owned by Adam ondi Ahman, the home to a LDS Chapel in Second Life. The area is beautifully crafted, with great attention paid to detail. I was only able to find one other resident, seen here and "away." Do you suppose they employ campers in chapels?

I wandered around and found loads of literature for anyone who wanted information about LDS or Mormon faith. I felt a little uncomfortable, there was a sign asking visitors to respect the intention of the area, yet I was wondering around in a leopard print halter top and some crack revealing low-rider slacks.

Beside the chapel there was a larger building filled with pews, television cameras and a giant t.v. screen. I had a seat and attempted to view the presentation, but I couldn't get anything to play. Maybe they air first life broadcasts on a regularly scheduled basis. I have no idea.

Just outside of the buildings was a hedge maze leading you through signs and literature explaining the church with pictures and links to online information. I'm sort of surprised that the Mormon church would even condone a presence in something like Second Life.

There were also links to genealogy information, available online. Ancestry is important to the LDS church, if I'm not mistaken (feel free to comment and correct me if I'm wrong) all of your ancestors must be baptised in the LDS church before you can be accepted in to heaven. I think they will even baptise those that passed on years before, to ensure a place in the next life.

The links to those resources are shown here, with benches that wouldn't allow me to sit. Do you suppose they knew I was dressed like a sleaze and didn't want to encourage me to hang around?

Regardless of your beliefs or how you feel about a religious presence inworld, you can't help but appreciate the care and attention that went into creating such a peaceful place.

Visiting here was a nice break from the leather, whips and chains.

If ya'll know of a parcel inworld that you'd like to see featured on Second Slice, leave me a comment!

I'll see ya'll inworld :)

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