Monday, October 8, 2007

Too Cool for Second Life?

Anyone who's been on the grid for any length of time has met them. They can usually be found off in a corner with their angst ridden, pouty AO, offering a word or two to the conversation at first, seemingly harmless enough. They laugh at the fantasy based avatars, questioning everyone's grip on reality. It doesn't take long before the insults begin, accusing everyone who doesn't have a "first life" picture in their profile or of using voice enabled chat of having something to hide. They claim to have created their avatars to be an exact representation of their first life selves and proclaim anyone that doesn't do likewise to be a liar.

The Second Life version of sex is to them, silly. They'd never go to a strip club or enjoy watching two "cartoons" showing intimacy.

They make sure everyone knows that they are far superior in intelligence to anyone they've encountered in world and way too cool for this stupid "Second Life."The insults fly and things always turn ugly.

Personally, I don't get it. If you have nothing in common with anyone inword.. then leave.. kay?

When the latest version of this scenario played out in world Sunday morning and everyone had this joker on mute, he was joined by his little Neko friend who greeted him with her huggy attachment. Excuse me but, these were the very residents he'd been attacking and insulting just minutes before.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe his friend wears kitty ears and a tail in her day to day first life, but I seriously doubt it.

Have you ever encountered residents who think they're "too cool for Second Life?"

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