Wednesday, October 3, 2007

S & K Fashions

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing business owner Katie Bloome for some time in world. We often run in to each other at Bear, sitting on the wall and chatting away. I finally had the chance to visit her shop, S & K Fashions over the weekend.

Katie and business partner Sommel Edelman began S & K Fashions together, creating some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve seen in world. I liked it because it’s not over done. Some of the stones I’ve seen have enough bling to blind people in the next region. Katie beamed as she described one of their creations, called “the perfect diamond” which “twinkles without bling.” I was impressed with the fabric textures used for their clothing, very realistic.

The prices are reasonable, the quality is outstanding and the selection is impressive at S & K Fashions, located at 82.29.27 on your map.

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