Sunday, November 4, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

I finally did it. I caved to peer pressure and got a headset and mic so that I could be like the cool kids and walk around Second Life like I'm in a cellphone commercial yelling "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???"

Before I go on, I should tell you I'm horribly shy, especially when it comes to speaking around people. This is part of my attraction to SL, being able to hide behind my computer. Because of this, after setting up my new headset I logged on and sought out my one good friend, the one person I trust enough to even attempt to speak with. It must have been like pulling teeth, he has to be the most patient person I've ever met. After about five minutes, I'd had all I could take and nervously went back to typing.

I made an attempt to join in with the cool kids over at the co-op, but my mic stopped working, which became evident after I sat there arguing with the vertically challenged, bucket headed dog for ten minutes before realizing that I was talking to myself. I logged off, re-booted my computer and started on my land, where it worked fine. Then I went back to the infohub, walking around saying "lalalala talking to myself" for ten minutes, little green lines over my head, but no one hearing me. Little bucket head showed up and yelled at me some more while I frantically tried everything I knew to do.

I think I've just bought a very nice digital, USB paperweight.


Anonymous said...

If at 1st you don`t succeed, try, try again! I hear there's a very good notecard down at the co-op with some instructions about setting up voice.

Anonymous said...

"vertically challenged, bucket headed dog" hehehe!

Hope to hear you give him crap soon :P

Anonymous said...

"vertically challenged, bucket headed dog" Hehe, Well hope to hear you soon Mahala but I wont hold my breath! Looks like I'm gonna live to chew another bone!

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