Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Certified Female?

I've noticed some changes around Bear Dream Lodge Infohub in the past couple of weeks. The atmosphere seems friendlier, calmer and more welcoming of our newest residents. I'm not sure if anything has actually changed or if I've just been showing up at the right time, either way it's a welcome improvement.

For a brief time there was a new club within sight of the hub, the Dragonfly or the Firefly.. some kind of insect.. I don't remember now and it was gone in a couple of days anyway. The land was bare for about a week, then a new club sprung up in it's place, with "certified female" dancers and escorts. How they planned to "certify" the resident's sex is beyond me, unless they were visiting the resident's RL home and conducting gynecological exams.


Now that club is gone and a new, larger structure stands in it's place, with a new land owner and promises of live performances. I'm still trying to get the details on this venture, when I find out ya'll will be the first to know.


Anonymous said...

Pop in and ask ;)

Ravi said...


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