Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue Haired Old Ladies Need Love Too

Every so often I like to go back to where it all began, back to the Bear Infohub to sit on the wall and see if any old friends wander through. While it's true that most of the traffic consists of freshly baked newbies, you can usually also find an assortment of us long timers catching up on the gossip, seeing who's hooked up with who, what illnesses are being fought and who's missing in action.

A couple of nights ago, I stopped by for a bit and ran in to an eccentric Bear resident, a club and DJ school owner with land near by. She's always great for entertainment, sitting off in the corner, rambling on to anyone who'll listen about how she's been mistreated, how unfair life is, quoting Linden Labs Terms of Service, calling everyone there loiterers and panderers.

You know.. sorta like those old bag ladies you see sitting in their own urine on the side streets downtown, waving their fists and mumbling incoherently about conspiracy theories and alien abductions.

Bless her heart.

I'm only a little ashamed to admit that we had our fun with her, then moved on. I know it's unkind to pick on people like that, but sometimes you just get caught up in the moment...

Don't judge me.. okay?

I went back last night... the SLag was hell by the way... and hung out for a few minutes. Soon shouts started coming from the land next door.

"Walk through the Grief Wall!"

It was her.

What the hell? Grief Wall?

So I'm thinking.. like a war memorial? What the crap?

After a few minutes, I think I figured it out. Bless her heart. She must be a grieving little blue haired old widow in her first life, trying to talk herself back to reasoning. That's what she meant by "walk through the grief."

I felt bad for exchanging banter with her. It must be hard, living there alone with her 36 cats in that tiny apartment. I think ya'll should join me in keeping her in our thoughts and hope she gets back to wellness soon.

Until we talk again, ya'll take care.


P.S. This has been a tongue-in-cheek account of actual incidents at the hub. I'm not mentioning the individuals name because I don't want to give her the self-Googling satisfaction. TTFN!

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