Friday, June 19, 2009

When I Threaten to Sing, Watch Out

Hiding Place

The big news this week seems to be the fresh new "adult" sim, Zindra. I haven't been yet, most of the chatter I've heard on Twitter and Plurk from people who have checked it out is.. "meh." I'll wait until the Grand Opening rush settles down, then I promise I'll bring you a full report.

Most of my time on the grid this week was spent hanging out close to home, watching the he-man rearrange furniture, listening to a little music and dancing.

When I did venture out to the hub, there was more "Grief Wall" drama. Once again, battling groups have been established, big stupid billboards plastered across the road, shouts from the road about the trash hanging out in the "parking lot."

It was entertaining for about a minute and a half. Give it a rest already.

Maybe I should crank up my mic and give them a winning rendition of "Kumbaya." That'll teach 'em.

That's all I have this week. Ya'll take care and I'll see ya on the grid!

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