Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeling a Little Dirty?

When I'm feeling dark and a little shady, I like to strap on my ears and visit the grimy streets of the Neko sims, where it's always midnight and you can find endless places to explore in towering apartment buildings and underground tunnels.

Last night I picked Dirty City.

The build was amazing. While you'll find endless commentary on the natural creations in Second Life, with the flowers, trees and wildlife (and rightly so) sometimes my heart longs for the dirty streets of the inner city where I grew up and exploring well constructed sims dedicated to recreating that feeling helps settle those longings.. just a bit.

At Dirty City I walked along abandoned streets where stray dogs sat quietly watching. I found a Gypsy wagon selling food with laundry hanging from the roof and got lost in sewer pipes underground. One dark alley hid a body hanging in the dark... he was a Linden... just in case ya'll know of any of the SL elite who've gone missing.

Of course there were shops with Goth/Urban inspired designs, but sadly most of the shops I found were empty, something I'm seeing more and more of as I explore Second Life.

Is the Second Life economy suffering along with the rest of the world? Are shop owners pulling out? Or are sim owners simply devoting more of their land to shop rentals, in hopes of making a little more money?

With it's train idling at the station, bus stops and flaming trash barrels, Dirty City is a fun place to explore when you want to embrace the seedy underbelly of Second Life and get in touch with your inner wild child. You can even do a little dumpster diving while you're there.

Not that I did.



That's our slice for this week. Don't forget to stop by the Second Slice Cafe. Pick up a group tag to access the jukebox and spend some time chilling out to your favorite oldies music.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair Addiction in Second Life

I've heard rumors about other women having them, but I didn't really believe it. The word.. whispered around the clubs and infohubs... mentioned on blogs and in advertisements.. but still.. I thought it was just an urban myth. That is.. until I experienced it myself.

I've had my first...


It's that rush you get when you've been searching far and wide for the perfect hair.. FOREVER. Then, you find yourself standing in another hair shop trying on the 286th demo that week. You take a gander at yourself.. your jaw drops open and realize you've reached FOLLICLE NIRVANA!

Every hair shop sells long hair. Most advertise flexi and prim styles, but it seemed impossible to find the perfect long hair. The kind that moves without looking like a rabid octopus, yet gently bounces, in separate strands, without helmet head.

I'd never heard of Cross before. I stumbled upon it last night and I fear I'll be going back to buy one of everything in the shop. I wish they'd had more dark brown selections, but this black w/gray color seems to be a nice substitute. I really liked the Nevaeh style, I may be going back for that soon.

I'll have to take a certain alt shopping there next. We can't let her feel left out.

I've been doing more than just hair shopping. I did a little fine tuning around the new cafe, added a touch here and there. It's so great to have a place of my own again and something productive to do. Ya'll be sure and stop by when you get a chance!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing: The Second Slice Cafe

So much has happened in the past week, I don't even know where to begin.

I've been thinking about buying a piece of land, I've missed having an in-world location for Second Slice. It's something that's been on my mind for a while, so I guess you can't exactly call it a whim that I got a wild hair up my butt the other day, upgraded my account and grabbed a piece of property.

I'd forgotten how obsessive I get when I start building. This weekend is officially shot to hell.

My partner had to swoop in and save the day... a few times... when I dropped objects, thinking I'd lost them forever and totally forgot how to apply a texture correctly. He's handy like that.

I think I'll keep him.

The next time you're in-world, stop by and let me know what you think. Group members have access to the eleven radio stations, there's a dance ball over the jukebox and plenty of room in the parking lot (and on table tops) to dance or just hang out.

In the future, I plan to use the area for chat events or small get-togethers.

We'll see what happens!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fifties Flashback and Some Classy Bump and Grind

I've been in a retro, flashback kind of mood lately, so this week I set out to find the coolest 50's themed area on the grid. I popped around to different locations, trying to find one that wasn't just a shopping area.

Seriously.. sometimes Second Life feels like suburbia strip mall hell.

But anyway...

I almost gave up, then I found Slappy Doobie's Retro Diner.

The music was classic fifties and the design was awesome. I expected Fonzi and Pinky Tuscadero to come strutting in at any second. The booths were set up with burgers and soda pop and nice seating animations. Of course, you can purchase your own copy of Slappy's Diner, an option I'm keeping in mind for a future project I've been kicking around.

Of course, there were shopping areas, but they weren't your run of the mill, standard SL fare. Swank Brothers offers vintage men's clothes, with a touch of class. Copies of the tiny ball on the curb in front of the store were placed throughout the area, where you could rez your own scooter for sight seeing.

I didn't try the scooter. I don't have much luck with SL vehicles. I usually end up either drowned or embedded in a brick wall somewhere.

The beach was just beyond the diner, complete with bar and hidden alcoves. I do love hanging out on the coast.

Just across the road from Swank Brothers, I found a beautiful theater which housed "Ellies Burlesque: Second Life's Premier Burlesque Cabaret."

I didn't see anyone around when I arrived, but their website lists regularly scheduled showtimes on Saturday nights, 8 p.m. SL time.

With so much of Second Life devoted to the seedy side of sexuality (and I'm not knocking it, just saying) it's refreshing to see an effort being made to bring a little class back to the bump n' grind. I hope to check out their show soon.

Visit for more information.

So put on your poodle skirt, grease up that duck tail and head on over to Slappy's for a little 50's flashback fun.

I'll see ya there.

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