Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fifties Flashback and Some Classy Bump and Grind

I've been in a retro, flashback kind of mood lately, so this week I set out to find the coolest 50's themed area on the grid. I popped around to different locations, trying to find one that wasn't just a shopping area.

Seriously.. sometimes Second Life feels like suburbia strip mall hell.

But anyway...

I almost gave up, then I found Slappy Doobie's Retro Diner.

The music was classic fifties and the design was awesome. I expected Fonzi and Pinky Tuscadero to come strutting in at any second. The booths were set up with burgers and soda pop and nice seating animations. Of course, you can purchase your own copy of Slappy's Diner, an option I'm keeping in mind for a future project I've been kicking around.

Of course, there were shopping areas, but they weren't your run of the mill, standard SL fare. Swank Brothers offers vintage men's clothes, with a touch of class. Copies of the tiny ball on the curb in front of the store were placed throughout the area, where you could rez your own scooter for sight seeing.

I didn't try the scooter. I don't have much luck with SL vehicles. I usually end up either drowned or embedded in a brick wall somewhere.

The beach was just beyond the diner, complete with bar and hidden alcoves. I do love hanging out on the coast.

Just across the road from Swank Brothers, I found a beautiful theater which housed "Ellies Burlesque: Second Life's Premier Burlesque Cabaret."

I didn't see anyone around when I arrived, but their website lists regularly scheduled showtimes on Saturday nights, 8 p.m. SL time.

With so much of Second Life devoted to the seedy side of sexuality (and I'm not knocking it, just saying) it's refreshing to see an effort being made to bring a little class back to the bump n' grind. I hope to check out their show soon.

Visit for more information.

So put on your poodle skirt, grease up that duck tail and head on over to Slappy's for a little 50's flashback fun.

I'll see ya there.

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Yordie Sands said...

cool post... I just bought a pair of saddle oxfords (rah-rahs)... and this sounds like fun.

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