Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Embarrasing Moments

***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

Our next discussion is going to be this Wednesday night, 6:00 pm SLT at the Second Slice Cafe. The topic: Most Embarrassing Moments.

You know you've got'em. Forgot you were naked (or at least scantily clad in the latest sleaze-wear) when you logged off last, logging back in, showing all of SL all your glory? Accidentally attached your spiffy new freenis instead of the hat you were going for... on your head? Deleted your house, IMed the wrong person or worse, sent a little sexy time chat to the open sim instead of your partner?

We've all got embarrassing moments to share. If you're new to SL and haven't had the pleasure of flashing your goods in public.. accidentally, of course... or you're just too ashamed to admit it, that's okies. You can still come by, have a laugh or two and make some new friends. If we get bored, there's always the jukebox.

I expect to see you all there. Don't make me come after you. I'll do it.

In other news....

I twisted my neighbors arm, begged, pleaded and bargained to get him to accompany me to Davide Paravane's latest performance last night. Unfortunately, I hadn't considered my crappy, begging to be replaced graphics card, combined with a large crowd, when he suggested we dance.

Oh. My. Gawd the SLag.

I tried to type, "OMG I love this song!" only it came out as, "Ogov eis ng." I hate when the SLag monster eats half my words. I feel like I just fell on the grid yesterday. I don't blame SL.. completely.. it's mostly on my end. I know that. I need to upgrade.

Afterwards, my kindhearted neighbor suggested we go hang out at the bar.. on the other side of the club. I tried to move forward, but nothing happened. I waited a second.. then tried again. I got frustrated and did the one one thing you should never do in these situations. I stabbed the hell out of my arrow key. When my granny graphics card caught up with me, my CPU sounded like the Space Shuttle by then, little Mahala went shooting across the dance floor at warp speed, taking down a few avs along the way.

There is good reason why I just stand in the corner and look cute in large crowds. I'm not really that shy. I'm just rendered helpless by my lack of the latest technological advances.

Ah well, back to the other life. I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll Wednesday night. Be there or be orthogonal! (Look, I made geek humor!)

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