Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet Me at Grizzy's

The other night, as I sat in my tiny cabin on Wando sorting though my inventory, I stumbled across some really nice, sorta sleazy dresses I'd bought a while back. Finding them made me a little sad, I'd gone shopping especially for nice dresses to wear when my partner took me dancing, which was often. After things went.. well.. the way things sometimes go.. I just wasn't interested in wearing anything like that anymore.

At first I considered giving them away but then I remembered how much I paid for the stupid things and had a change of heart. I felt my mood sinking into the swirling vortex that sucks you in, drowning in self-pity, wallowing in a dark sea of emotion where you eventually lose yourself...

Screw that crap.

I paid like L$ 800 for those effin dresses and I was going to wear them. I scanned the event list and found one at a seaside stage, staring Davide Paravane. I'd heard him perform a few times and I just love his voice. He doesn't play the headbanging, whiplash inducing tunes I normally listen to, he sorta reminds me of old school Vegas performers, minus the cheese. His style ranges from Big Band to acoustic guitar and seriously? He could sing page 247 of the Britannica "W" volume (those were pre-PC encyclopedias, for you youngins out there) and make it sound good, causing spine tingling, swoon inducing chills from the ladies in the audience.

I have to admit, standing there alone in my slightly sleazy dress, watching the couples on the dance floor like the homely wallflower at the high school prom as I listened to Davide croon sweet songs about lasting love, I may have shed a tear or two. I questioned the decision I'd made a few weeks earlier, for the 1000th time, convinced myself that I did the right thing and shed a few more.

Every so often, you just have to allow yourself to wallow in it.. just a little. Then dry your eyes, put on your big girl panties and get on with life.

Tonight, Davide Paravane is playing Grizzy's Cafe, located on the Silent's Folly sim, which just happens to be home to my tiny little one room cabin. I'll be there. Ya'll come on down and keep me company.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, August 21, 2009
Time: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Cooper River (179,13,21)
Host: Grizzy Griswold
Category: Live Music
Rating: PG
Cover charge: No

We'll talk again soon. I'll see you on the grid.

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