Monday, August 10, 2009

Gypsies, Cabins and Good Friends

In all the time I've spent in SL, I've never really had a home of my own. Oh, I've shared places with partners, but the land belonged to them and.. well.. it just wasn't the same.

The other night, with no real plans to set up house, I stumbled upon this:

Home Sweet Home

It's a tiny, one room cabin on a beautiful island estate, with birds, butterflies and my very own bear just outside the back door. The rent is dirt cheap very reasonable and the views will inspire you to sit and play with the Windlight settings for hours on end.

I don't feel quite as lost and homeless anymore.

Shortly after setting up house, I bumped one of my oldest, dearest friends, J1mmy Weiland, who invited me to see his new place, which was large enough to contain like.. five of my tiny cabins. We had fun catching up, it seems I always run to J1mmy when things go all kittywampus in my second life. He helps me put things in perspective and calms my nerves.

I think everyone in SL needs a J1mmy.

Also this week, I wandered the grid looking for Gypsy (or Romany) groups. I found lots of vardos (wagons) set up in camps, but no people. I'd love to find a band of nomads to hang with. If ya'll know of any, hook a girl up, would ya?

That's all for this week's Slice. We'll talk again soon!

(Images are clickable to embiggen for better viewing)

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