Friday, August 7, 2009

When You Start Seeing Fairies, It's Time to Stop Drinking

I've been trying to make myself get out amongst the pixel folk, make friends and do something besides sit on the wall at the cafe, tinkering with things and questioning decisions I've made, slowly driving myself even nuttier than the fruitcake I've already demonstrated myself to be.
In my quest for intermingling, I've been hitting some of the live music venues. Last night, I discovered Club Neptune, with the sexy, swoon inducing voice of Tone Uriza providing the beat to sway my hips to.

Tone's impressive guitar licks and deep, smooth voice whisked me away to another time, gently rocking my mood into submission. Check him out if you ever get the chance, it'll be time well spent.

As I shook my groove thang to the awesome music, our hostess swang by and passed me a glass of Absinthe, which I readily accepted. When you first glance at this photo, it looks like the drink has caused a strange, green-glowing phallic shaped virus to come shooting from my nether regions, but don't worry kids. It only looks like I've contracted some strange, radioactive form of martian syphilis. There's no need to call the CDC.

They're only little green fairies.

You see them too.. right?

Before long, the entire club was aglow with little green nymphs buzzing about the dance floor. It was great and the best time I've had in a while.

Click here to visit Club Neptune in-world.. but watch that Absinthe.. unless you just happen to like little green fairies.

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