Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scootin' Newbs and Starting Over (again)

When I started this.. eons ago.. it was mostly about the gossip and news surrounding Bear Infohub and while I still occasionally stop by there, the old stomping grounds have changed. Mixed amongst the lost newbies are people sitting around looking for an excuse to fight and a gathering of emotionless bots, dumped there by the latest rolling restart.

Knowing that this is the sliver of SL society that new residents will be exposed to first, makes me a little sad.

I have to admit though, I have to laugh when I spot new residents who've been caught, stuck in an animation during a restart, then dumped in the middle of a large gathering:

This guy scooted around on his butt like an infested Chihuahua on shag carpeting for the longest. I hope the human on the other side of that av had a sense of humor about it. I know I was cracking up. But then, I've been known to giggle at funerals too.

I wondered what this little chica had been up to:

Then we had this little exchange:

Chica: "Where are the classes???"

Me: "What classes hon?"

Chica: "The free English classes. What time do they start for my country?"

Me: "I don't thing they have classes here. What country?"

Chica: "Yes, what time for my country?"

That's about the time my eyes glazed over and I started to pretend like I didn't speak English anymore. I know.. that's bad. I try to be helpful, but lately I've got the patience of a pit bull on 3 foot chain guarding a steak dinner.

As I attempt to widen my social circle beyond the familiar, I'll probably miss parking my butt on the old brick wall, but I installed one back at the cafe, just in case. What I won't miss? Oh, I dunno:

The little things.. I suspect.

In other news, my SL partnership ended this week. Out of respect for the parties involved, I won't go into any details. I can say that it absolutely was not because I ceased to care. If anything, it was just the opposite.

So if I'm a little bit grumpy for a bit.. or more likely.. a tiresome whine bag.. well.. deal with it I guess. I'm only human.

That's all for this week's slice. Be sure and stop by the Second Slice Cafe (please people, I need some traffic. Just use it to hide from newbs while you change hair or something. I'm not proud)


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