Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Cornfield

A couple of weeks ago at the Saturday night discussion, I'd mentioned that residents used to be banished to a mysterious cornfield when they'd been naughty in the eyes of Linden Labs. It gave them a place to wander around and think about what they'd done along with the other bad apples. The cornfield eventually disapeared and was rumored to be no more than a SLurban myth, but long time residents swore of it's existence.

Earlier today, when I learned that the cornfield had been made available to the residents of Second Life just for Halloween 2009, I nearly squeed with glee. I couldn't wait to log on during my lunch break to go check it out.

I was greeted by Trick or Treat Linden when I tped in (pictured above.) He was like.. the Santa-O-Lantern.. with pressies and everything. A really good reporter would have opened the gift box before doing her story, but I'm not, so I didn't.  I have no idea if I got candy, the 100th freebie witch's broom so far this week or glow-in-the-dark condoms. Besides, what fun would it be for ya'll if I told you what was in the box?

The cornfield was ginormous! I had lots of ground to cover, so I ran without ryme nor reason all kittywampus in every direction, looking for cool stuff.

I ran into this dude staggering around amongst a pile of empty beer bottles. It kinda ticked me off that he had such little regard for cleanliness and upkeep of our beloved grid, so I gave him a firm talking to. I don't think he cared though, he just stood there looking stupid, even after I used my angry voice.

I'll have to admit, there were spots along the way that sorta creeped me out. There were times when I just had this uneasy feeling, like I was being watched. I tried to shrug it off, but I was convinced I was being followed. It turns out I was right. The culprits?

Butt sniffin' Hell Hounds. The stupid things are everywhere. Why don't we have a dog catcher on SL? I know, let's set up a Griefer Pound where we can toss all the trouble makers in with the wandering Hell Hounds. That way, the griefers are out of our hair and the unmannered hounds will have plenty of tushies to bury their inquisitive little faces in.

Granted, there were lots of things to see, but there were also endless rows of.. well.. corn, which made it all the sweeter when I met a real life, honest to goodness ZOMBIE!!! Better yet, this particular zombie wasn't just some prop or a n00b trying out his freebie av.. no.. he was a real undead LINDEN! Blondin Linden to be exact. And? HE SPOKE TO ME! (I'm assuming it's a he, it IS topless and there seems to be an absence of any Emerald induced bewbie jigglage.. AND this wasn't on a mature sim.)

Actual conversation between myself and Blondin Linden:

Me: "Oh.. hai!"

Blondin: "Brains."

Me: "Depends who you ask, I guess."

Then? He poofed.

After I came down from my excited giddiness.. I mean it's not everyday you have a brush with greatness.. I realized that I was going to be late getting back to work, so I stole a tractor I found sitting in a pumpkin patch and hurried back as fast as it would go.. which wasn't very.

I may have dozed off at the wheel, but I still made it back to work on time. I don't know how long the infamous cornfield will be open to the public so you'd better get down there before Halloween is over. There's no tellin' what you might find.

Here's the SLurl so you can visit for yourself!

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Blondin Linden said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!! Great post

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