Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuff I Ponder When I'm Bitchy McCrankypants

  • Who the heck is Ashyne Demonista and why is everyone Googling them? That name is generating a lot of search traffic for me. 
  • If your neighbor has their little parcel positioned 700 meters in the air, why would you stick your oddly shaped, plywood block RIGHT beside them when moving a few meters up or down would make everyone happy? Seriously, I'm tired of moving. 
  • If you're having an event, is it really necessary to send out a group notice one hour before, then a half hour, then fifteen minutes and another one screaming that I'm missing the event of the century once it begins? Oh yeah.. and THEN post the slurl in group chat on top of that? You're just being annoying, not enticing me to join you.
  •  If you are a merchant in Second Life and your income depends on people being interested in your product, stop bitching because you get alot of IMs with questions you don't think are worthy of your time. It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE. Look it up. When they STOP asking, then you can bitch.
  • Your competitor/customer/neighbor being unable to speak/write perfect English does not give you the right to be a big, flaming a-hole about it. I'm constantly amazed by the residents I meet from South America, Eastern Europe, Japan... all over the world.. who speak English as a second language and manage to do business in SL, where English dominates. Were the tables turned, I wouldn't last a day if I had to know Portuguese or Russian to get by. So stop being a snot. You're making the rest of us look bad.
  • Do you think Tinies are creepy? Child AVs are all perverts? Furries are kinky, sex starved deviants? Fairies and Elves all celebrate Pagan ritual and threaten your core belief systems? Well, you're wrong, but fine. If you insist on making assumptions about people based on what form they take as they walk the grid, just stay in your little red-lined, protected little parcel, hiding from everyone so you can be sure you won't be offended. My philosophy is: if you think it's wrong, don't do it. But stop passing judgement on everyone else. It's not your place.. or mine.
  • Maybe I shouldn't blog when I'm cranky.
This week's topic at the Second Slice Cafe: Share your funniest holiday memory. Any holiday and/or family gathering qualifies. Did Uncle Bob shoot off his big toe while he cleaned his rifle on the Fourth of July? Did cousin Sue get too drunk at the Christmas Eve gathering and try to have her way with the garden gnome? We'll be telling our holiday stories at the Second Slice Cafe this Saturday, 12/5/09 at 5pm SLT. I hope to see you there.

I promise I won't be Bitchy McCrankyPants by then.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and blog cranky. All you are saying are things that definitely need to be said.

Yordie Sands said...

please, please... more more Bitchy McCrankypants... hehe... hugzzz

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