Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bear Dream Lodge

I spend most of my time in world at the Bear Dream Lodge infohub. Lately the normally carefree atmosphere there has been disrupted by controversy. There is a business owner in the Bear region who objects to the fact that people "loiter" there, contributing to the lag problem and making it difficult for her to operate her business. For more detailed background information on the subject, you can visit one of the forum threads here.

I can understand this individual being frustrated, I also own a business in world and have had to face lag problems, particle emitters (the great Zombie infestation) and various other traffic interruptions as is to be expected anytime you run an business. Regardless of whether or not this individual has a valid point, nothing gives her the right to enter the infohub and insult, threaten and attempt to intimidate Second Life citizens, choosing to perform her display just meters from the landing area of our newest members as they enter the infohub for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that being bullish in any situation doesn`t get your own way! Well done to the Bear co op I wish you every success.

Lias said...

Paying tier in a sim for nearly three years counts for something. I find it amazing that this blogger, who has only spoken to others who mis-use the Infohub as a chat area - would say there was some harassment going on without the luxury of any facts or evidence. When Linden Lab took down the Telehub in April 2006 and asked us landowners in bear would we like a place for new players to get information we agreed. We would like that better than selling the land on auction. And all was well until free accounts. Then LL told folks to beta test voice in infoHubs - and some decided that InfoHubs were safer and more comfortable to hang out in than sandboxes. And these people decided to formalize their chat group and invite new players that rezzed there to stay and join their chat. Bear has an average of 200 unique visitors a day. The sim only holds up to 43 people. To sit in the infohub for 10 hours asking people to stay and chat created a glut of non-moving traffic. This stops people trying to teleport directly to business' in the sim from entering for the sake of these people mis-using the resources in the sim. Bear is designated as a INFORMATION hub. The four-sim Hubs are for community gathering. That is listed in the SL blog. This gross miss-use of resources these people do not contribute to pay for is wrong and goes against the contract LL has with landowners. We are guaranteed 24 hour access to our parcels. This group was offerred free land elsewhere - they refused. They leased land in Bear sim. And still they stand in the Hub chatting for hours.

Anonymous said...

Paying tier for three years counts for nothing. I've paid taxes all my life and the government don't give a toss what i say. The world has moved on and the rules (if there ever were any) have changed

In any case what sort of 'business' opens a high density operation in a sim with any sort of Linden hub. That is just stupid.. and stop complaining about free accounts and 'how it was in the past' Free accounts are here to stay, and the Lindens can change the rules anytime they like. If there was any basis to your complaints beyond silly tantrums AND if you have presented these to the Lindens then wouldnt something have happened by now? Funny that - all is still the same.
SL is a CHAT ROOM. It just has 3D scenery and you can have sex of a sort. Oh and you can can pretend to be something you are not in the real world. Like an influential business owner who has the ear of those in power.
Grow up Lias. Nobody gives a toss what happened yesterday, or what someone said in the past. Evidence and experience tells us that the Lindens will say almost anything to keep us on-side. Unless its written down in a RL contract any 'promises'you think you may have are just that. Promises. Its a virtual world. Its not real. Neither is the money or land.

Anonymous said...

"Its a virtual world. Its not real. Neither is the money or land."

We have a similar saying on Gaia Online: They're just pixels, and pixels aren't worth the energy of drama.

Course a lot of the people we say that too are TWELVE. Which should tell you something right there.

- Signed,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.

Lias said...

We have always had the TeleHub and then we chose to have a InfoHub. The Lindens have not changed any rules. You, like adfarmers have found something that is not protected from you and you are exploiting it. There are two kinds of Hubs - the larger 4-sim ones meant for community gathering and these small hubs placed in one sim - meant to distribute information to new players who rez there. The long term land owners of Bear Sim have developed a Free to Join Info-Hub group for new players and we give free items through this group, advice and landmarks to free areas every day. There is absolutely no need to stop the natural flow of Hub traffic as the Bear Co-op group does in order to tag new players and convince them to stay in the Hub to chat for several hours a day.
Linden Lab is never going to endorse people finding a hub they want, forming a group using that hub's name and then taking it over. Telling the land owners they can join the group and ask to be let into the sim when it is full.

And Mr. anonymous, for any 'community' group to welcome the notorious adfarmer- owner of MyAdcom company with 200 16M plots all over SL- into their group - is just irresponsible and shows what these sort of groups can become when they think they are in a grey area and can do whatever they want because they have no vested interest in the sim they have chosen to destroy.

Anonymous said...

so its ok for you to have a group to promote distrust, but genuine people can't? I wonder how many ads for your DJ training has been posted LoL. You have already destroyed a good looking SIM with huge prims. Picking on a small land owner by using brute force. Very Welcoming.

Face it, your a bully and liar to get your own way, which is to control an area for selfish means.

But as we already have proved, you are not willing to listen or even have dialogue with a group that would enhance the area.

Best of luck with your megalomania Lias I hope when it crashes we dont get caught in the fallout. LoL

Spidey :D said...

To the last "anonymous": Did you read her blog? Holy crap, she posted a conversation in her *own* blog that proves how unwilling she is to listen, saying that it was proof of the other person having an attitude.

That takes a serious ego to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes I saw the post(s). I have discovered how to tell when Lias tells lies and spreads untruths, her mouth moves or you can hear typing...


Anonymous said...

Yep Lias is a bully...she also practices double standards. She openly supports the most prolific ad farmer in SL (Ryan Radio) and has teamed up with him to cut of a small land parcel that I own despite there being absolutely NOTHING on it. The one newbie that was using it to learn how to build has neen harassed off the parcel I rent to him...Thanks for that (since you didn't want the guy there I now have much better plans for this parcel). Lias the time has come for you to realise that the will of the people will prevail over your paraniod and selfish actions. Just take a look at the mess you have made in the bear sim since you brought your rsty crap and adverts banners and other rubbish with you. Posted By cam with appologies to Mahala for using this blog to post this.

Mark said...

I received Ms. Liandros IM and email as I use SL infrequently. I am an alpha-software tester of the Linux operating system and it's been very buggy since Dec. 2007. I am posting the text of a message I have sent to Pathfinder Linden about Ms. Liandros messages to me. Her tone and manner are/were most confusing. I found Bear Dream Lodge through a SL mentor right after I accidentally left Newbie Island (never to be able to return). My limited knowledge of SL and the need to find a "Homeworld" caused me to take Bear as "it". It almost wasn't my choice. I had to set a homeworld at in InfoHub. What follows is the text of the email to Pathfinder Linden:

[17:45] Lias Leandros: (Saved Thu Jan 17 16:43:51 2008) We of the Bear InfoHub group do not support the Bear Co-Op greifer group's stance that the Bear InfoHub should be abused and used as a chat area. We do not want any affilliation with them
[17:45] Lias Leandros: (Saved Thu Jan 17 16:44:09 2008) You have been ejected from 'Bear InfoHUB Group' by Lias Leandros.
[17:45] Lias Leandros: (Saved Thu Jan 17 17:04:13 2008) I only ejected people that had the Bear Co-op group in their group list on the ir profile. ANd you sir, are a member of the Bear Co-op Group. I sent you a image of your prifle
[17:55] Lias Leandros: Sorry to bother you Noel
[17:55] Noel Niekerk: Hello Lias
[17:55] Lias Leandros: We land owners in Bear sim - we have been here since the sim cam online in 2005 - need the limited sim resources to do our work there
[17:56] Lias Leandros: the Lindens have not increased the sim resources there to support a un-supervised gathering place on linden land
[17:56] Noel Niekerk: OK, so you want me to go?
[17:56] Lias Leandros: oh I already removed you from our group
[17:57] Lias Leandros: if your one of those people thatbelieve InfoHubs are to be abused as gathering and recruiting places then thats your opinion
[17:59] Noel Niekerk: I am so frustrated by this, I don't gather with others by invitation, whoever is here is here and I know no one to aske to come here with one exception an SL mentor who told me about Bear Lodge or InfoHum in the 1st place. Any way I'll start looking around for another "home" but I haven't knowingly abused anything or anyone. You need to give people rules or somehthing. Sorry.

My next visit to SL after this exchange is: Friday, January 25, 2008. I find myself still allowed in region: Bear, but my "Group name" is changed to Bear Coop Looney. I did not give anyone permission to changes this. But more importantly: what is going on here? I hardly chat with anyone at Bear.

I set Bear as my homeworld, after being almost tricked off of Newbie Island. I had been a new SL user about 3 weeks, when one day, I saw an invitation to (what I thought was) to listen to some music. I clicked the link and was teleported to some where, a building that looked like a concert venue. When I tried to return to Newbie Island, I couldn't. After much aggravation, I found the "teleport to home world" and found myself in a deserted region. After some time, about a week as my memory serves, I contacted a SL Mentor I had received a 'friendship' from. Shiva Aabye is her name and she has been so much help. One of the kindnesses she showed me was that I could set a homeworld at Bear InfoHub. I did that. I had no idea that this region was somehow privileged. After being there a while I was offered a gratis group memebership which I accepted.

No one can complain of my behavoir there. I do say that I "connected" to SL once and was set in Bear naked, but that was software's fault. (I am a Linux Alpha tester.) It was not deliberate on my part and in any event, that was weeks ago and had to complaints at the time.

So, I ask you to intercede on my behalf with Mr. Liandros and have him explain what I have done wrong, so that I might be welcome at that InfoHub or for someone to suggest a place I can call home in liue of Bear. Or better still, allow me to return to Newbie Island. I hadn't completed "figuring out" SL.


Noel Niekerk

Never once did Ms. Liandros explain why I was asked/forced to leave. If there are "rules" for such, they need to be published so that inexpert players, like myself, can find them.

Anonymous said...

To Noel Niekerk.

Noel. dont give up. you have obviously been looking around the net for some sort of explanation. Get In-world and contact the Mentor you mentioned, or if they are not available any other mentor. You have done nothing wrong, but you have unknowingly walked in on, and become a victim of, some quite sad and unforgivable behavior. No resident in SL is 'special' although some think they are. You have every right to be at the infohub -thats what its for. As for Ms Liandros, ignore her. She cannot tell you what to do or where to go (although her inflated ego seems to think otherwise)and just because shes been in SL a while and owns a bit of virtual land does not give her any special rights.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful WIngtips here not only is this lady Lias bullying people but Ryan Radio and her have started making zombie boxes in the air filled with 20 or so robots to boost their traffic and lag up the sim for all the new residents Ryan Radio's shop is one giant copyright infringement and I hope he gets what he deserves for being so mean to everyone that calls Bear info hub home. Love to all the bear regulars! ~^Jesse^~

SL Person said...

Lias Leandros builds a commercial business ripping off copyright of well known rock groups then moans when the area gets popular. The area is never too laggy no where near as laggy as most and its always possible to tp in there. Their are no downsides to having lots of traffic at a commercial site its what every business would dream of. Recently Lias Leandros has been sending people to the info hub that are in her group that push and insult those that socialise at Bear info hub then when they complain to her she gets Linden to suspend their accounts.

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