Sunday, November 11, 2007

Celebrities in Second Life

Do you ever watch that newbie strutting his stuff, wearing his shiny new freenis smack dab in the center of his forehead and wonder... could he be a celebrity?

I've thought about this more than once. When you read the tabloids (not that I would, I'm just sayin..) or watch "entertainment journalism" on television and you see the paparazzi shoving cameras in the faces of the wealthy elite, you have to wonder how they ever have any time to just kick back and be goofy.

I bet some of them are doing just that on Second Life.

I don't assume that just any A-lister is hanging out on the grid. I mean, I doubt Angelina Jolie is working a stripper pole on Orgy Island, but can't you just see someone like director Kevin Smith or maybe Roseanne Barr hanging out at the hub, picking on newbies?

Just think, that furry that you keep running off your land might be Jessica Alba.

Hey, it could happen.

Personally, I'm waiting for a buff, male avatar with broad shoulders and long, flowing hair to confide in me that he's really late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

A girl can dream...


Anonymous said...

Conversely, "Celebrities" in Second Life such as Callie Cline, Sarah Nerd et al can strut around in RL and we wouldn`t know... it's a strange ol' world we live in.

eppie hock said...

Hi Mahala, don't shoot me, but I 'tagged' you! See

greetz Eppie hock

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