Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair Addiction in Second Life

I've heard rumors about other women having them, but I didn't really believe it. The word.. whispered around the clubs and infohubs... mentioned on blogs and in advertisements.. but still.. I thought it was just an urban myth. That is.. until I experienced it myself.

I've had my first...


It's that rush you get when you've been searching far and wide for the perfect hair.. FOREVER. Then, you find yourself standing in another hair shop trying on the 286th demo that week. You take a gander at yourself.. your jaw drops open and realize you've reached FOLLICLE NIRVANA!

Every hair shop sells long hair. Most advertise flexi and prim styles, but it seemed impossible to find the perfect long hair. The kind that moves without looking like a rabid octopus, yet gently bounces, in separate strands, without helmet head.

I'd never heard of Cross before. I stumbled upon it last night and I fear I'll be going back to buy one of everything in the shop. I wish they'd had more dark brown selections, but this black w/gray color seems to be a nice substitute. I really liked the Nevaeh style, I may be going back for that soon.

I'll have to take a certain alt shopping there next. We can't let her feel left out.

I've been doing more than just hair shopping. I did a little fine tuning around the new cafe, added a touch here and there. It's so great to have a place of my own again and something productive to do. Ya'll be sure and stop by when you get a chance!

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Tamsin Barzane said...

This was hilarious! (and oh, so true!) I love your writing style.

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